Coming Soon UBCO 2WD 2 X 2 Duel use Bikes Register interest!

May 22, 2020

Coming Soon UBCO 2WD  2 X 2 Duel use Bikes  Register interest!

UBCO 2WD  2 X 2 Duel use Bike 

Say hello to on- and off-road adventure with the dual use 2×2. Jam packed with upgrades, while maintaining the original 2×2 DNA, nothing will get in the way of your ride.


Sneak up on prey, hear a truck coming around the bend or your trusty dog running alongside while you enjoy the nearly silent ride. But don’t worry, you have a horn should you need it.


With a 1kW motor in each wheel, the 2×2 is smooth, ultra-quiet and gives you complete control for all your adventures, both on- and off-road.



No clutch or drive-train, no emissions, and no noise. Instead, an ultra-quiet, powerful machine with excellent handling, especially in slippery terrains and on wet road markings.


Improved handling and excellent performance in all terrain conditions, both on- and off-road – grass, water, gravel and asphalt are no match for the 2×2.



Going on road? Not a problem. The 2018 2×2 is be a road registrable vehicle. Whether you’re commuting to work or heading off on your next adventure, the 2018 2×2 is ready to hit the road.



The lightweight SuperX frame makes it easy to manoeuvre and safer than your standard moped, quad or farm bike. The whole bike weighs just 63kg, so it can be lifted and handled no sweat.

Also will be available in a Tactical version stay tuned.For more specifications and price email 

26.5.2020 Kit Bag are proud to announce a new alliance with WA's own 4WD Magazine. 


Keep an eye out for eye popping opportunities/products and new experiences in this new alliance in the very near future. And of course you will be able subscribe to their magazine and purchase the magazine from our web site.

Stay Tuned for more information on this exciting news. 


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