Hoochies, Ponchos, Hammocks & Cammo Nets

Hoochie Cord Mini TRD Tactical Micro Cord Dispenser with 38m Micro Cord, Black


MIL SPEC 3/64" (1.18mm) hoochie cord . Whether you need cord for around the house, garage, farm or on the trail, this cord dispenser makes it easy to have on hand and ready to use. The military use this there daily activities with built-in cutting blade makes cord faster and easier to use than ever before. The dispenser is preloaded with a high-tech braided cord that is incredibly strong and lightweight. Its compact design and high strength make it versatile and useful in almost any environment and application. 

GREAT FOR: military use Crafting, tethers, handle wraps, trap lines, camping, fishing lines, DIY Projects, zipper pulls, macramé, lanyards, repairs, kites, wind chimes, and so much more!


  • Rope Length: 125 Feet (38.1m)
  • Rope Diameter: 3/64" (1.18mm)
  • Tensile Strength: 100 Pounds (46kg)
  • Weight: 2oz (35g) / 125 Feet
  • Micro Cord Material: Polyester / Nylon
  • Recessed Cutting Blade
  • Impact Resistant
  • Reusable Spool -¬†Can be Reloaded
  • UV Resistant
  • Designed, Engineered & Made in the USA
  • New in Hang Packaging


Atwood Rope MFG are a dedicated family "Working to Keep The World Tied Together" (Literally!). Since 1985 their mission statement has kept them innovating and developing new products and techniques to meet the needs and demands of their clients. Atwood Rope MFG is a rope manufacture in the USA with a broad range of capabilities to produce and develop ropes and braids from very small to over 3.5 inches in diameter. Atwood Rope MFG take great pride in manufacturing and delivering high quality rope and cord products all over the world that people trust and depend on every day.


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