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Bespoke Tactical Tailor

Kit Bag Tactical Tailoring Service BTTS


Kit Bag are one of the very few companies who can offer a Bespoke Tactical Tailoring Service in Australia today.












We have in our employ one of the finest tactical tailors in Australia which means we can offer a service to groups and organisations who want the following:


  •    Small Quantity of items (This can be as low as only 3)
  •    Customisation exact to your (users requirements)
  •    You can even supply the fabrics, furniture if you want
  •    Many types of fabrics and furniture available from our own supply
  •    Dedicated design member of staff who will guide you and consort with you throughout the whole process. We do not use any machines at all apart from the sewing machine. Patterns and cutting and some sewing are all by hand the old fashioned way.

Kit Bag are leading the way ahead by winding back the clock on mass production cheap items and going back to the days when items were built with pride and joy looked good and lasted!

By Tactical Tailoring service (BTTS) we mean that we can manufacture to your design and requirements in a vast range of materials and colours items such as Packs, Bags, Load Bearing Systems and clothing you name it. There is virtually nothing we cannot do, ask us, if we cannot we will tell you straight away.

How It Works

Please in the first instance call us and ask for the Tactical Tailoring Department, let us know your requirements (and quantity) if it’s something we can do then we will ask you to send us a brief concept drawing along with colours plus we will need to know the task the items need to perform too.

At this stage we will be able to give you an approx. per item price.

Once the criteria has been established Kit Bag Tactical Tailoring service will design/build a sample for you to inspect, once this has been done and finalised by both parties satisfactorily a price will be agreed and the balance of the order will be produced and delivered.


What Does It Cost?

Well like all things in life invariably well-made items that actually do what they are supposed to do and last are not cheap. However, we like to remain competitive therefore we keep costs down as much as we can where we can.

Deposit $500 This is held against the costs of designing & the making of the initial sample and all costs to do with this are deducted out of this deposit. The reason we do this is that it costs to design make patterns and samples we know your serious when you’re willing to place a deposit and it keeps away the time wasters so that we may concentrate on your needs.


Initial Design Cost $60.00 per Hour Incl GST


Sample/s Price at Cost


Freight is Invoiced out to the client we use courier services within Australia or DHL worldwide if your overseas. We can use your carrier of course if you have one.

Please note depending on work load the first sample will be available 4 weeks from engagement.  


Our Clients


One thing we have learnt is that certain groups, companies organisations, NGO,s etc. like the confidentiality that we offer with regards to what we are doing for them so we not necessary likely to advertise who we are currently or in the past working for. But as a sample for reference below is a small selection of organisations that have/are using out BTTS.  




Western Australia Fisheries Corp - LBV


Western Australia Water Corp - LBV


Fijian NGO on Behalf of the FDF - Carriage Systems


Operation Grey Western Australia - Carriage Systems


Armadale Class vessels - WP Crew Bags


Chubb Australia - WP Holdalls


Veyance Australia - Special Project Gloves


Call Christopher Green your dedicated BTTS team member today for more information.



0455 100 200