5.11 Knee Pads


Extra padding goes a long way in high-stress situations. The 5.11 Knee Pads have been designed specifically for the TDU and Tactical pant series, providing a layer of reliable support and cushioning where it is needed most. These rugged knee inserts easily slip into the integrated knee pad pockets and cover the entire knee via a contoured, anatomically molded fit. Built from ultra-protective neoprene, they deliver long-lasting support and will not wear down after constant use. Strong, lightweight and flexible, these pads use a high-quality construction and feature nylon backs for simple insertion and removal. Whether working a physical labor job or looking to reduce overall leg fatigue while on duty, these knee pads are ideal for any modern operator.

Features and Specifications of 5.11 Knee Pads:

  • 3/8" cushioned neoprene
  • Integrated knee contour for mobility
  • Fits 5.11 TDU and Tactical pants

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