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T8 Garmont Multi Terrain Combat Boot

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Product Description



These are unlike any other pair of boots you will ever wear!

Official A.D.F. CAF approved boots - buy and wear them with confidence!


  • The Garmont T8 Multi-Terrain boot has propelled tactical footwear into the 21st Century by combining
    hiking and trail running technology and applying it to the harsh conditions and arduous operating
    environments that the modern soldier endures.


  • Super Vibrum sole for maximum traction, stability and maximum shock reduction in most environments or surfaces.
  • Constructed from a tapered Nylon woven footboard with a custom designed insole.
  • Foot bed cup system that makes the boot work with the rest of your body providing superior stability and reducing stress on the ankles and knees.
  • Entry way is constructed from a swept back concept to allow a snug, comfortable, fully supported fit without all the unnecessary padding.
  • Upper is constructed from abrasion resistant, split grain leather combined with DD Diamesh for excellent breathing and ventilation.
  • Zero optical refraction hardware with roller bearing and hook less rigging proof hardware that make the T8 operate flawlessly in all operating environments whether is be ground or airborne operations.
  • Foot bed cup system and heel retention strapping system facilitate maximum stability and support in nearly all conditions and environments.
  • Lightweight, rugged and durable construction - performs in all conditions.
  • Dries rapidly in amphibious or extremely wet climates.
  • Quad stitching.
  • Heavy-duty but lightweight outer.


  • Size (U.S):  5 -14
  • Available in Khaki
  • Weight:  Only 0.7kg
  • Wide Fit

N.S.N                       Size

8430-01-551-4914    8
8430-01-551-4915    9
8430-01-551-4918    10
8430-01-551-4920    11
8430-01-551-4922    12
8430-01-551-4923    13

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Product Reviews

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    Posted by Dave on 11th Jul 2016

    I will be buying these boots as long as they are available Bought mine a size bigger as I wear toe socks in addition to the woolens. Straight out of the box 20km hike with 20kg not a blister or hot spot. I have tried Scarpas down in the Falkland bogs and my feet really suffered. Over the years various gortex configurations have failed to impress. Yes these get wet but they also dry out quick and remain comfortable whilst sodden.

  2. Excellent boot

    Posted by Matt on 20th Jan 2016

    This is the best boot I have owned. Incredibly soft, snug, yet offering all-round sturdy support. There was next to no wear-in time, and I was surprised to find only one tiny hot spot after my first hike.

    These boots breathe well and my feet have remained comfortable and unswollen on hot days under load.

    I echo the comments of other reviewers about their corrective qualities. They make me walk straight and have ironed out various kinks in my ankles, legs and back. It's been like learning to walk again!

    I honestly love these boots and wish I could wear them during the day in my office job.

  3. bloody fantastic boot

    Posted by Dom on 13th Aug 2014

    Had the same pair for about 3 years now and havent ever failed me. Greatest bloody boot ever if you ask me

  4. very good boot

    Posted by Tracey on 11th Jul 2014

    Bought these as I didn't like the standard issue boots. What can I say...nothing compares. Soft, flexible, comfortable. No blisters, no aches and no having to wear in. Did an all day bush walk without any problems. Now my standard choice of boot for work and recreation. Getting a second pair.

  5. Excellent ADF Endorsed boots.

    Posted by Name withheld please on 7th Apr 2013

    After using the current issue boot that just didn't fit well and gave most wearers horrible blisters which you had to try prevent with strapping tape I decided to purchase and try several different types of endorsed boots.

    After trialling 2 other brands of endorsed boots (by doing pack march training), the 3rd pair of boots was the Garmont T8 which was by far the best. It is lightweight which helps when you need to move quickly, and has good support.

    The lacing system is good to as you can wear it slightly unlaced for short while until you get moment to lace up properly. Best of all it doesn't use a silly cleat system which is impossible to lace up in the dark.

    The sole provides enough grip and cushioning for most military tasks, and the upper materials don't require much breaking in. I did a 10km training pack march and was amazed no hot spots or blisters. Wow, these boots didn't need breaking in.

    Next time I wore them was when I went on course & wore them in a 20km time trial pack march assessment. They proved themselves to be battle worthy. Yes I did tape the back of my heels to prevent blisters, but I really didn't need to as I hardly had much more than a couple hot spots under my big toe (again amazingly had no blisters!!) considering how quick I had to walk for a prolonged period of time. All subsequent field activities only reinforced the great design of this boot.

    Highly recommended for any soldier who is looking for top quality ADF endorsed boot.

  6. Footsavers

    Posted by Will R on 8th May 2012

    very good boots. Have spent 3 days with them sokaing wet, and no blisters, lots of walking, no hot spots. Only complaint woul;d be that the innersoles retain a lot of water. Needed a pair biigfer than usual, as they run very narrow sizing, but even with bigger boots, no dramas. Wore them unlaced whilst concreting at home, and still comfy. Recommended. Issued boots are pitiful in comparison.

  7. Damn Good Boots

    Posted by Micheal Little on 2nd May 2012

    I bou8ght these boots a week or so ago and put them on... It was agony at first - why..?

    Because my feet & hips were way out of alignment from many old battle injuries - and these boots made my posture correct itself...

    I'm standing straighter than before and my lower back isn't hurting anymore... I'm still adjusting to them but I love them...

  8. Amazing Boots

    Posted by Adam on 15th Mar 2012

    Bought a pair of these a couple of weeks ago. I have extremely awkward feet being very wide and flat and in standing position place my weight on the heal of my foot. With all other shoes and boots I have ever owned it takes a good couple of weeks for me to break in the foot ware to mold my feet.
    These boots are amazing, they don't break in they break ur feet in. Their sturdy construction force u to stand correctly and whilst wearing them my weight is guided to the ball of my foot and my whole walking position is straightened up and aches and pains in my legs and knees I have had for years have now gone.
    I really cant say enough about these boots and their corrective abilities its no wonder they are considered to b the No1 military boot in the world today.
    I just wish a steel or composite cap version was available so I could also have a set for work.

  9. Great boots fro central Australia

    Posted by Scott C on 23rd Dec 2011

    I Live in Alice Springs and work out in the scrub .
    Good light weight comfortable boots in HOT weather,good traction for climbing up rock and scree and through red hot sand.
    I am going to get a second pair .

  10. Great boots

    Posted by Matt M on 28th Nov 2011

    Trialled these boots on a 10 day exercise and rate them highly. Worked well in wet and dry conditions. Most of the time I didn't even think about my feet or notice I was wearing them - a big difference when compared to issued boots. Added bonus that boots can be worn without tying up laces and still provide good support. Won't be wearing anything else from here in.

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