Supporting local doesn't get much better than this.

Extra Thick Bamboo Socks. They're still thick and comfy. They'll still glide onto your foot in one motion. manufactured right here in Australia.

Extra Thick Bamboo Socks offer super comfort during the day that lasts all day, as well as much greater practicality than the average everyday sock. Your run of the mill average sock barely touches the surface of what these socks provide and we guarantee you will notice the difference immediately.

These thick socks have been designed with hard-working feet in mind, combining a soft and luxurious feel with genuine, man-sized practicality. No matter what you're doing day to day and no matter what the weather brings, these will go with you from A to Z.  


Australian Made - Supporting local industry with local manufacturing.
Unbelievable comfort - Wearing these bamboo socks is like walking on deep, yielding carpet.
Reduced dampness & chafing - Super-absorbent bamboo fibres keep moisture away from your skin, leaving feet clean and dry. Our customers often report an improvement in fungal infections after wearing our bamboo socks.
Reduced odour - a favourite of wives, everywhere! The naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibres keep foot odour to an absolute minimum.
Strong & durable - Ideal for those with physically very demanding jobs, our bamboo work socks can take serious wear and tear. With extra padding in the soles, plus reinforced toes and heels they are made to last and last without letting you down. No wonder so many miners and farmers love to wear them.
All-weather action - The thermo-regulating fabric ensures that your feet are looked after all year round – cool and refreshed on the hottest days and warm and cosy in the deepest winter.
Hypo-allergenic – The eco-friendly bamboo fibres are exceptionally kind to the skin. No risk of irritation that can arise from some manmade fibres such as Nylon.
Low maintenance – The bamboo fibres require less washing than many other materials such as cotton, keeping our socks practical to use and hassle-free.
Extremely good value for money – you will not find socks of this excellent quality or wide range available at such exceptional prices anywhere else in Australia.

Order our Extra Thick Bamboo Work Socks today and enjoy the true comfort, pleasure and practicality they offer for yourself.


Please note that there is a helpful way of knowing what size your socks are after purchase, particularly if you buy multiple different sizes for the family!

Each corresponding set of sizes has a different colour toe stitch which denotes what size the sock is. See below for the colour guide.

Size 6-10 = A blue toe stitch

Size 10-14 = Orange toe stitch


90% bamboo fibre / 10% elastane. 

To care for your socks, wash them on the cold setting in the washing machine, and avoid using bleach. Dry them on the line outside. They can be tumble tried on the warm setting if they are slightly damp on overcast days. Do not wash with clothing that has velcro attached, as this will pull the fibres in the socks.


Colour Black.

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