Australian Vietnam Digger Figurine


The uniform and equipment worn by this infantryman is representative of Australian servicemen during the conflict in Vietnam. The floppy design of his bush hat, or 'giggle hat', was intended to break up the outline of the head, helping to camouflage the wearer, as well as providing protection from the elements. He is armed with the iconic L1A1 Self Loading Rifle, which was the standard battle rifle of the Australian Army from 1960 to 1992. His equipment has been optimised for patrolling in the dense tropical forests of Vietnam. Several water canteens and ammunition pouches are attached to US M1956 Load-Carrying Equipment webbing and a cotton mesh sweat rag is worn around the neck. The Army issued combat shirt and trousers would have been a subdued shade of Jungle Green, often referred to 'jaygees'.

Figurine is approximately 30cm tall, including its base.
Limited Edition Guarantee: Only 5000 castings available world wide.

These are very unique hard to come by and sometimes there is a gap in re stocking please be patient well worth the wait if any.


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