Replacement Bite Valve for Hydration Bladder Drinking Tube - Black


If you play hard outside, chances are you have a hydration bladder, and you've most likely had it for a while. Cleaning the bite valve is essential for your health but over time even cleaning cannot get rid of all of the contaminants that may be lurking in your bite valve. Be sure to replace your bite valve every so often to ensure healthy drinking water supply to keep you hydrated and ready for action!

This replacement Bite Valve has a built-in On/Off switch for ease of use, and even features a detachable bite end so you can clean it inside, and out. The 1/4" barbed fittings is compatible with most standard drinking tubes.


  • Standard 1/4" Barbed Fitting
  • Built-in On/Off Switch
  • Detachable Bite Piece for Easy Cleaning
  • Fits Standard Drinking Tubes

Color: Black
Length: 5.5"
Compatibility: For most Standard Hydration Drinking Tubes
Material: Rubber, Plastic COMPLETE BITE VALVE

Snap on, snap off action makes changing bite valves much quicker. No more pulling, yanking and trying to get a hold of the hardened tube!


  • Bite valve and bite valve platform /docking system.


  • Hydration lock.
  • Hydration co link adapter with bite valve.

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