Special Forces personal Survival Kit Mk 3


Special Forces Survival Kit

mk 3 military survival kit free postage

Well here it is an Australian army genuine personal SF issue survival kit - you will not get better then this! Not often available.

It's small like it should be but punches above it's weight and yes it has been tested and is being used by our SF.

NSN: 8465-66-135-0686

One of Australia's  leading exponents of wilderness survival has put together this top quality fit for use military survival kit.

It's not big, an amazing 13 x 8.5 x 5.3 cms but includes everything needed to sustain life in an emergency.


Please note Contents and marks can vary slightly in accordance with current Military requirements, we are luck to be able to even stock these.

The MARK III KIT contains:

  • Metal Container:       Storage contents, mixing bowl, cup, digging, cook

    Compass:                 Direction finding             

    Flint:                          With attached striker for fire lighting

    Striker Blade:            Attached striker for flint – fire making

    Cotton Pads:             First aid, pulled apart for fire lighting tinder

    Whistle:                     Signalling

    Knife:                         Cutting, probing

    Plastic Mirror:           Signalling, self-first aid

    Tweezers:                   Removing splinters, other minor operations

    Plastic Bags:              Water procurement, wind/water proofing, carrying,
                                         storage, improvised emergency flotation devices

    Fishing Line:              Fishing, binding, sewing, snares

    Fishing Hooks:          Fishing, and fish gaff

    Brass Swivel:             Stops line twisting

    Sinkers:                      Line weights, can be polished as a lure

    Trace Wire:                 Fishing trace, binding, snaring, general repairs

    Stock Cubes:             Soup, alfoil as fish lure

    Cord:                          3 meters - multi use

    Tea Bag:  Warm or cold beverage

    Coffee:                      Warm or cold beverage. Note: coffee is a diuretic

    Glucose Tablet:         Sweet energy boost, fire making with Condy’s

    Purification Tabs:    1 tab/2 litres wait 30 mins - 1 tab/ litre wait 10 mins

    Condy’s Crystals:     Antiseptic, anti-fungal, fire making

    Plasters:                    Covering small cuts and abrasions

    Scalpel Blade:          Probing for splinters, delicate cutting

    Sewing kit:                Needle, threads, safety pins - repairs

    Alcohol Swabs:        Sterilising/cleaning skin wounds, fire lighting

    Antiseptic Wipes:     External use only. Warning: contains iodine

    Instruction Sheet:    Memory aid, notes, emergency fuel

    Pencil:                        Writing, graphite lubricant, shaved wood as tinder

    Magnifying Lens:      Reading, first aid, fire lighting

    Multi Tool:                  Multi functions including pliers

    Torch:                        Light and attracting attention – with battery

    Playing cards:          Play card games memory aid for survival, tinder