Coghlans Emergency Survival Horn for Unfriendly Animal Alert & Locator COG1240


The Coghlan’s Emergency Survival Horn is very loud! It operates with the simplicity of a mouth horn and blasts out audible sound up to 120dB. Comes with SOS printed on the body and a black break-away lanyard. The perfect addition to the kid's hiking packs.

- Frighten away unfriendly Animals such as Dingoes, Large Kangaroos, Cattle & Lifestock, Drop Bears & Yowies
- Includes Lanyard
- 120 dB Super Loud
- Can be hear over one mile away
- Safety Orange colour so you can easily spot it in your pack
- No compressed air or batteries required
- Durable polypropylene construction is waterproof & floats
- The internal rubber membrane diaphragm transmits a super loud burst of audible sound
- Ideal for watercraft as it floats and meets U.S.C.G and C.C.G small craft emergency horn alert regulations
- If the supplied membrane wears out or breaks you can use PVC, nylon, rubber or paper etc as an emergency internal membrane

How to use:
- With your mouth, blow into the hole on the side of the horn. The compact horn produces a super loud blast of sound up to 120 dB that can heard over one mile away.


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