Cross Fit Training Plates For 5.11 Plate Carriers

AA-111-1002-00 -1


 (Sold as a Pair)

These will fit straight into the 5.11 Plate carrier ! # AA-111-1002-00

Sold in pairs, they are available in either 1.5kg, 2.5kg or 4.5kg varieties, and can be purchased with or without a carrier.

The Patented contoured shape conforms to the body and adds significant comfort as compared to straight-cut plates, and the rounded edges will not wear down and damage the inside of your carrier over time. Additionally, the composite material will not rust or degrade due to exposure to sweat, meaning your plates and carrier will be good to go for longer. 


  •   Manufactured from High Impact Resistant Composite material
  •   100% non-ballistic item that can be purchased with no restriction
  •   Provides the user with simulated weight experience whilst training
  •   Multi-curve shape to conform with wearers torso
  •   No sharp edges to wear out carrier
  •   Suitable for wet and dry training environments
  •   No special cleaning or maintenance requirements
  •   UV Stable



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