DR-1 Commander dual radio chest harness


DR-1 Commander dual radio chest harness


Communication is key and the DR-1 Commander will keep all your communication devices in the right place at the right time.

Almost a twin to the RCP-1 Pro radio chest harness model -- the DR-1 Commander comes equipped to hold two BK/800 MHz radios with two main radio holsters on the front plate.

We incorporated all the RCP-1 Pro features and designs our customers love into the DR-1 Commander to make it the ultimate dual communication radio chest harness.

The DR-1 Commander dual radio chest harness works great with or without a backpack. iPad mini with protective case fits into the large main compartment.  

  • Radio Holster fits all Radios/GPS Units between the following Sizes:
  • Large Size: BK Radio (6.35cm x 3.8cm D x 21.6cm H)
  • Small Size: All Sizes Smaller than Large Size (BK Radio)


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