HEADSOX Tactical Head Bands



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Headsox™ is a multifunctional and seamless head and neckwear accessory made from stretchy micro fibre.

When your flying down that mountain or highway or checking the surf and the chill starts to kick in, Headsox will give you the protection you need. Perfect for summer or winter Headsox can be worn under the helmet or around the neck. This soft stretchy microfibre fabric will help keep you warm or cool and provide 20+ UV protection. 

Ideal for activities that require maximum comfort and protection.


  • Light and flexible.
  • Provide protection from the elements – keeps you cool and protects your head, ears and neck from the sun in summer and from chills in winter.
  • Can be worn in 12 versatile ways!


  • Available in: Multi-Cam,Coyote Tan,Black.

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