Hexamine Survival Stove with 8 x solid Fuel Tablets $15.95



The hexamine stove or "Tommy cooker" is a renown simple easy to use low tech survival aid and general cooking aid.

Made famous by the EZbit stove of the Wehrmacht the British Army copied it made it a bit bigger and that was over 80 years ago and its still in use to day. No fancy bits and you will not need to sell your house to buy one!

 Easy to store in ang pouch or backpack

  • Case folds in half to provide wind protection and trivet all in one
  • Includes 8 large hexamine solid fuel tablets
  • Light and compact

A hexamine stove, or hexi-stove, is a cooking stove that uses  hexamine fuel tablets The fuel tablets are also known as hexamethyl-enetetramine or methenamine. The stove's function is use in emergency situations. It acts as a platform for cooking and windbreak for such cooking. The hexamine stove is designed to fold into a compact size for storage. Also known as a 'tommy" cooker.

Army Reserve recruits in the UK learning to cook with hexamine stoves

By Photo: Lt Col John Skliros/MOD, OGL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29213128