Howard Leight Honeywell Leightning L3 EARMUFFS


The most noise reduction without double-tapping your wallet.

30 decibels - that’s one helluva noise reduction rating for a pair of comfortable shooting ‘muffs that only cost a Jackson and change ! If you’re slinging some .300 Win-Mag or you’re rocking a muzzle brake that makes the air around you crack and thunder, the best-in-class Howard Leight Leightning L3’s are the ticket to keeping your hearing safe on a budget.

Noise Reduction: 30 Decibels.

Even though these shooting muffs can handle the big calibers, they’re not too bulky and they won’t crunch your skill. They’re fully adjustable with snap-in cushions for easy replacement, too. The L3s are slimmer than other 30-dB shooting muffs thanks to some unique “Air Flow Control” tech, controlling how sound waves and pressure get to your drums.

Additional Specs

  • Flexible steel wire frame
  • Replaceable ear cushions
  • Thick, soft-foam head strap
  • Reversible cups to fit big rifle stocks

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