Israeli EPS-21 Defence Force Goggles


Genuine Israeli Defence Force Goggles EPS-21 

Fantastic Kit not generally available at a great price and not enough in stock so be quick!

Advanced combat goggles for ballistic, sun, wind, dust and laser eye protection.


Shalon Chemical Industries from Israel developed another version of eye protection goggles designated EPS-21 which looks much more attractive than the old plastic goggles it replaced, which ‘protected’ only from wind and dust. EPS-21 was designed to offer ‘one size fits all’ product, accommodating all the most common sizes.

The new Israeli goggles can be worn directly or over a helmet, thus integrating comfortably with the combat gear and accessories, such as binoculars, sights and night vision devices. Ventilation ports placed throughout the frame use labyrinth design to provide efficient ventilation without the need for filtration elements. EPS-21 uses an improved format offering improved peripheral vision while optimizing dust, wind and protection from low-velocity particles and fragments. The goggles accommodate replaceable polycarbonate visor offering the ballistic protection and an integral adaptor for prescription lenses frame, and add-on secondary lenses protects against solar or laser radiation, when required.

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