Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System




Ultra light and versatile, JETBOIL's Flash stove boasts a heat-transfer system to increase output and fuel efficiency, and has a heat indicator that changes colour when hot & ready. This small and powerful setup features an adjustable burner with a push-button igniter, and a 1 litre translucent FluxRing cooking cup.


  • Boil 2 cups in 2.5 minutes - even at 75-80% efficiency, all thanks to the FluxRing heat exchanger that captures and focuses the burner's heat.
  • Insulated drink-through lid with a protective plastic bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup; translucent lid so you can view contents and see if water is boiling.
  • You'll get the best quantity for your capacity when you boil up to 50 cups of water with one 100g JETPOWER isobutane and propane micro canister.
  • Once you've packed up all of the components, it'll take up a space smaller than a Nalgene bottle.
  • Does not come with fuel canister or utensils.