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LifeStraw have made water safe to drink through patented technology and innovation. Their award winning LifeStraw portable water filter allows you to drink water from virtually any source. The LifeStraw Go Straw is great for travel, outdoor sports and emergencies while their LifeStraw Filters are ideal for outdoor adventures, survival and emergencies. Take water purification to the next level.

This product gives back: One product, one school child, one year of clean water in Africa, part of every sale goes to this cause. 

Life Straw kit bag Perth

Hollow fibre microfiltration 0.2 micron

Purifies a 1000L of water

Removes bacteria, protozoan parasites including Giardia

Reduces turbidity (muddiness)

Durable plastic design

No power, batteries or replacement parts

Dimensions: 216mm in length x 32mm diameter

LifeStraw® does not filter dissolved matter or heavy metals such as salt, chlorine or arsenic from water. 

This product received Saatchi & Satchi award for world changing ideas !!! 


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