M Tech Fixed Blade Dagger


This is the Mtech MT454 dagger. Nothing more, nothing less, just a solid working dagger with strength and guts and a Black Nylon belt sheath to help keep it safely under wraps when not in use. Take a closer look at this tough dagger for yourself.

It measures 11 5/8 inches overall. At this length it delivers a generous thrusting punch with the minimal amount of effort required. The blade is a double edged dagger made using 440 grade stainless steel with a Black coating. There are also machined hole cut outs and a blood groove.

The handle is checkered Black rubber with an integrated lanyard hole in it for safe storage when not in use. Pass your own lanyard through it, or use it for lashing to a boot or gear bag. The handle is contoured so it is more bulbous in the center, fitting the inside of your palm easily.

Coming with a sturdy Black Nylon sheath, this knife is a nice low cost knife suitable to all budgets without compromising on performance. Order the MTECH MT454 dagger for yourself and enjoy it's benefits without the associated costs of more expensive daggers. Suitable as a good spare/second dagger or as a main dagger itself.


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