Mil Spec Deodorant 100% Natural 50ML


The Spice Deodorant from the Bearded Chap works to help prevent excessive sweating and body odour, containing active ingredients such as Zinc Phenolsulphanate and Lactomides to combat BO naturally, while a classic masculine Spice scent provides added freshness. Tested to military standards, it has been proven under the toughest conditions, from the outdoors to the office, working to protect and soothe the skin under the arms in a handy roll-on application.

The hardy formulation works all day long to keep the underarms fresh, dry and comfortable, with soothing Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. Sea Buckthorn is a traditional remedy for skincare and protection as it closely resembles human sebum oil.

The glass container has been made from 40% recycled materials.

Australian-made. Free from Aluminium