Mil Spec Vietnam era Angle Head Torch C Cell


US military style C cell Angle head torch. Black.

This angle head torch is based on the Vietnam era US military torch and takes 2 Cell batteries.
It features a metal clip for attaching to your bag, webbing or belt and it is a tried and tested design that has been popular for decades.  The tail cap features 2 parts, one has the metal spring and compartment for the C cell batteries, the second holds a red lens, a blue lens, a white lens, and a diffuser lens for adjusting the colour of the light output.  The nose cap of the torch unscrews, enabling you to mount your choice of coloured lens.  The angle head torch is available in either black or woodland camouflage pattern. 
  • Batteries not included.
  • 2 C cell batteries
  • Based on Vietnam era US military torch
  • Red, blue, white and diffuser lens
  • Great Value at only $14.95
  • Choose Black or Cammo¬†

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