New MIL SPEC ALICE Pack Frame including All Straps


New MIL SPEC ALICE Pack Frame including All Straps


You cannot get these new anymore or very unlikely this side of the pond ! Fantastic value!

This is a great new product available commercially its non issue but is a very good representation of the time honoured load carrying frame first see in the 1960,s.

The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) was a load bearing system adopted by the US Army in the 1970's. The system along with its pack frame has gone through subtle changes over the years to help wearing a heavy pack more bearable. This ALICE pack frame will work with any standard issue ALICE rucksack.

First off this pack frame comes with 2 padded shoulder straps. The right hand strap has a quick release buckle so when you release it, a heavy pack can roll off the shoulder with ease - particularly helpful after a long slog. There is also a belt to go around your waist, also with a padded back and easy to use clip. All of these are adjustable so you can change it to suit your body size and do so with ease while on the march. As you would expect, it comes with the correct steel slits on the frame to attach your ALICE rucksack on.  

The ALICE pack frame is an excellent bit of kit even outside of the military for anyone doing the hard yards in the wild. Suitable for hunting, camping and airsofters, pack smart today with a new ALICE frame!


  • Sturdy steel ALICE frame
  • 2 adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist strap with padded back and quick release¬†clip
  • Quick release system on right hand shoulder strap


Dimensions: 10cm L x 32cm W x 52cm H (Approximate)
Weight: 1520g
Colour: Olive Drab
Condition: New - Commercial New Product