Passive Low Profile Earmuffs olive 20 NRR


Passive Low Profile Earmuffs olive 20 NRR
Great value for your money! Only $24.95 each. Hearing protectors Passive from Kit Bag are an affordable method of hearing protection from intense noise for every pocket. They have a noise reduction level NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 20. They are suitable for ranges, any where that you need noise reduction but can still here instructions, sports competitions, mass events and concerts.
The foldable, adjustable design of the headphones makes them take up little space when carried, and can be easily adjusted to the shape of your head. The profiled ear pads cover ears tightly and protect against noise. The softly padded headband provides comfort even when worn for a long time. The cut at the bottom of the headphone bowl makes it easy to fold it into a stock with a cheek pad.
Technical data:
- Noise reduction level RR: 20
- Size: universal
- Weight: 200 g
- Colour: Olive

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