Recon 550 paracord boot laces 72 inch


 Made In Australia with genuine USA made paracord.

These Boot laces are made for walking !

  • EXTRA DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY: Para cord 550 Type III is famous for being extremely durable and strong. It is used as parachute cord and has a 550lb/ 249kg breaking strength!
  • FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR FOOTWEAR: These will last a lot longer than standard issue Boot laces.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Compression Molded Clear steel shoelace tips fit 99% of all Boots. Our small diameter tips (aglets) will fit through eyelets that other just will not !  Length of the boot laces is 72 inches with a 4mm (5/16") diameter.
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT FIT: RECON Para cord Laces have up to 30% stretch that allow your foot to move and expand during the day. Perfect for hiking, running, working and any footwear that you wear all day.
  • STAY TIED! Smooth braided sheath over 7 inner strands give strong knot that stays tied.
  • Only $12.95 per Pair