Recon IFAK Pouch,Trauma First Aid "Speed" Pouch PLUS First Aid Kit



PLUS 1 x RECON Basic First Aid Re-Fill Kit 
Australian TGA Compliant Kit for peace of mind


Recon IFAK Pouch, Trauma First Aid "Speed" Pouch

Recon IFAK Pouch,Trauma First Aid "Speed" Pouch  was born out of the necessity to develop a pouch that holds a Vacuum Sealed Trauma Kit as well as the separate components of a first aid kit allowing the user quick access to the trauma kit and or other individual items.  With a simple pull on the handle, the pouch quickly rips open to provide immediate access to your medical items. 

The main rear-most pocket provides space large enough to hold a Vacuum Sealed Trauma Kit or other medical items. The two rear wing pockets are large enough to store decompression needles, NPAs or other airway devices. The flap panel design is compatible with the pouch Med Insert that affixes to Discreet Messenger Bags and allows you to custom configure the shock cord loops to hold whatever you need.

The pouch can also be quickly secured by simply pulling back up on the handle and affixing the velcro. Trauma shears can be tucked behind the PALS/MOLLE mounting at the rear of the pouch or attached to the single channel of PALS/MOLLE that run on either side of the exterior of the wings. This channel can also be used to secure a tourniquet, tourniquet pouch or rescue hook pouches.


  • Lightweight 500 d Cordura Construction with 420 d Pack Cloth Interior
  • Mil-Spec 550 Type III Para cord Zipper Pulls
  • Color-Matched Velcro and Webbing
  • All Edges Feature Binding Tape for Quality Construction
  • Exterior Single Side Channels of PALS/MOLLE for Mounting Tourniquets, Tourniquet Pouches, Shear Pouches, or Rescue Hook Pouches
  •  Webbing Pull Handle ( can be tucked away)
  • Speed feature for quick opening via Webbing Pull Handle
  • Exterior Loop Velcro Field for Medical, Blood Type or Unit Identifier Patches (2″ Tall x 4″ Wide)
  • User Replaceable Shock Cord and ITW Nexus CordLoc
  • Weight: 4.2 oz.
  • Measurements in inches 7″ Tall x 5.25″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep
  • Measurements in mm 220 X 170 X 90 MM
  • Includes (2) Black Long MALICE Clips for Mounting to PALS/MOLLE (3 Columns x 5 Rows PALS/MOLLE on Rear)
  • Includes (1)  PVC Patch which is removable


    First Aid Kit Features

    1 x Eye Pad
    1 x CPR Flow Chart
    5 x Splinter Probes
    2 x Burns Gel Sachet
    1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves
    1 x Wound Closure Strips
    1 x Large Island Dressing
    2 x Small Island Dressing
    20 x Plastic Bandages
    2 x Wound Cleaning Wipes
    2 x Non-Adhering Pads – 5 x 5 cm


    11.5 cm W x 18 cm L x 3 cm D

    This RECON First Aid Kit has already become a hit with Australians for being an ideal value for money everyday carry first aid kit.

    The Kit RECON First Aid Kit is enclosed in a Mil spec waterproof Lok-Sak pouch. Once your kit is empty, the pouch will be suitable to keep your
    mobile phone dry..



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