RECON Mesh Scarf Multi Cam


recon mesh multi cam scarve


Multi Cam mesh scarf for your personal camouflage!
Enhanced fit for use item look and feel good with a wrapped sniper scarf around your neck!
This scarf in Multicam type pattern is made of tough smooth 100% polyester small holed mesh with stretch characteristic fabric.

The Multi cam mesh camo features the blotted and plotted all terrain pattern as good on the field as in the bushy desert scenery! The fabric glides easily through your hands and wrap nicely around your face and neck and should simply put be included in your Multi cam uniform kit!

This mesh scarf will be excellent as your personal camouflage, as an optics or weapon wrap-around for your long or close encounter missions. Army, SOG, Hunters, Recce´s, Snipers, Sharpshooters, gel ballers,, commandos, SF, Police, and more, could all benefit from using this product for covered ops. Its even become a fashion statement !

Benefits are endless but, for example:
- Easy to stove away and low weight.
- Long model so it is easily wrapped around you, your pack or your gun.
- Tie it to your backpack and let hang over head and face for easy camouflage.
- Use in OP´s and hides as screen.
- Keep creepy crawlies away from neck and face.
- Camouflage your Helmet, Boonie  hat Rucksack or Battle west,webbing
- Does not hold water and dries fast so suitable also for combat swimmers.
- Easy to see and breathe through even completely wrapped.
- Camo print on one side only so its use is twofold and can double with another tone of the nature you are in.
- Use as sweat rag when deployed in hot or humid conditions.
- Mesh and stretch make it fasten in it self when wrapped and it can the work as a buff.
- Low weight
- Thin fabric so it will not choke your jackets neck.

Large Size Aprox: 155 x 45 cm
Weight: 67 g

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