RECON Stab Proof Vests level 2


RECON Stab Proof vests

Kit Bag have developed along with an Australian defence company  a rigid shaped stab resistant plate (SRP) to provide NIJ STD 0115.00 Edge Blade level 2 and Spike protection to Level 1 that is designed, tested in Australia to the highest standards together with the Australian LAB testing certificates copies of which will be will be supplied to each purchaser.

The plates  are an industry standard shape measuring  25 cm x 30 cm (10 x 12”) to allow use and integration with most plate carrier MOLLE systems.

With each plate weighing only 0.750 kg  this option offers a lightweight solution to meet your daily needs.


  • Fully designed and tested in Australia
  • Fully tested and approved to Australian standards
  • Australian warranty
  • After sales back up
  • Top safety cover for you/your personnel potentially saving time, money and reducing stress levels
  • For organisations engaged in security etc Improved work performance and confidence with the potential for increased employee retention rates

The stab resistant plate has no recognized anti ballistic performance from gun powder enforced munitions enabling the item not to fall into the schedule 13 firearms certification. However you must make sure that you are able to use one of these in your relevant state before purchasing/using. 

Stab resistant plates are developed to provide torso protection in accordance with NIJ0115.00 Level 2 for both edged blade and spike threats.Manufactured in Australia using the latest generation stab resistant materials.

The are covered in black 500 D nylon that offers excellent environmental and wear resistance. These are slightly curved  so that they contour with the body. 

In addition to stab edge blade P1 and S2 resistance the plates also incorporate blunt trauma and spike resistance level 1 and therefore provide further protection against incidents involving knives, blunt instruments and spikes eg. hypodermic needles and stiletto type instruments.


Testing: NIJ STD 0115.00 LEVEL 2 plus spike NIJ STD 0115.00 level 1 

Size: 10 x 12 " 250 x 300 mm each plate

Weight: Per plate 750 grams

WARNING: These items are legal in some states regulated in others these are non ballistic plates and have no ballistic rating. They are rated stab proof only. By purchasing these items you are declaring that you are over 18 years of age and that you have the legal right to have one. Kit Bag ( Green Harbour pty ) accepts no responsibility whatsoever for misuse of this item in any circumstances.   

Plate carrier/Vest

The vest itself is extremely lightweight and weighs only 500 grams so the plates and the vest weigh in total approx only 2 KG.

Both the Front & Back of the Vests Features an Integrated MOLLE System so you can ad pouches if need be.
Fully Adjustable vest Allows for the Perfect Fit 
Equipped with Stretch Mesh Material for Added Comfort and Ventilation 
Skeleton MOLLE Cummerbund System Is Designed To Ensure Optimal Fit, Minimal Weight And Added Ventilation

The Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest from RECON is not your typical plate carrier vest, weighing in at just over  500 grams pound this tactical vest offers superior weight savings, mobility, and ventilation for the user. The front of the tactical vest features three rows of MOLLE loop material. 


The 2 plates fit snugly into there compartment with no movement keeping them secure back and front offering you overt protection to vital organs front and rear upper torso.  

See picture that shows the organs covered.

One size fits all.



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