FLOOD EMERGENCY TVEEK RECON Travel (vehicle immobilised) Emergency Kit fits on head rest



Flood Emergency TVEEK RECON Travel (vehicle immobilised) Emergency Kit fits on head rest

Limited time only save $50 ! until stocks last 

This RECON Travel ( vehicle) Emergency Kit fits on the head rest of your vehicle for ease of access in an emergency. The kit contains some simple but compact space saving essential items for an emergency.

emergency car kit


If you and your passengers suddenly become subject to your vehicle stopping/breaking/immobilised down in the middle of nowhere due to conditions like adverse weather and you need to exit the vehicle fast then this is a great piece of insurance to have at hand.

Specially important in cases of flash floods and being stranded for a short time and being exposed to the elements. 

Each Kit contains

1 x Tactical Glass / window smasher/breaker with pen

1 x AAA Incandescent Bipin Globe halogen  flashlight  with lanyard attachment

2 x AAA  Batteries 

4 x Emergency Blankets ( Also can be used for recognition)

1 x Head rest platform ( all these items fit neatly into it and are low profile, ( space available other equipment that can be stored too) this does not obstruct the driver as the part containing the equipment is on the rear facing the rear seat passengers. 

Grab your TVEEK today !

Choose Tan or Black for the colour of the head rest.

You might want to add a personal IFAK kit (Individual First Aid Kit) available here  

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