Snugpak Jungle Hammock with mosquito net Plus 4 x Free Light Sticks


The Jungle Hammock is great when you need protection from biting insects, but don’t want to carry a tent or separate net around. INCLUDED IN THE DEAL IS 4 X 12 HOURS 6 INCH LIGHTS STICKS free ! snap and see at night no batteries 12 hours of life.

The hammock has all the benefits of a Tropical Hammock, but with a mosquito net built right in. Strong, simple and reliable, this hammock is the perfect solution to an undisturbed night’s sleep when you’re out in the bush or the jungle/forest. 

It also comes with four pieces of 10’ long guy ropes as well as a Suspension Attachment System to give you flexible setting up options.


  • The mosquito net is made from 20D Polyester with 1000 mesh per square inch, to prevent insects from disturbing your sleep. 
  • Manufactured from parachute nylon material to make this hammock lightweight and strong. 
  • Comes with a Suspension Attachment System including two steel carabiners, making setting up simple. 
  • Complete weight - 790g (includes hammock with net, carabiners, guy ropes.) 
  • Measures 275cm long by 145cm wide - to accommodate even the tallest campers. 
  • Max. user weight - 180kg.