RECON Tactical Utility Field Pack 50 L


Rigid Frame Equipment Backpack / Manpack / Rucksack

 A Rare Find be quick at this price!

Condition is Brand New.

Suitable for mounting/carrying equipment required for field applications. E.g. Communications Radio Transceiver, Survey Equipment, Monitoring Equipment, Geological Research, Tools, Archaeology, Videography, Battery packs, Gold Mining, Testing, Trekking, and other essential items.

The full frame backpack is ideal for carrying equipment required in field use. The backpack comes with an ergonomically designed frame that is extremely comfortable to wear even when carrying loads up to 50Kg. The frame allows equipment to mounted and set off the back. Or take the pack of and mount what you want customers have mounted an ALICE pack/packs onto the frame and even pelican boxes. 


There is an aluminium equipment frame that is mounted to the backpack frame that can be modified, drilled etc to adapt to your specific equipment. Refer to the pictures. 2 straps are provided for secure equipment.


The backpack has 4 adjustable accessory pockets to accommodate all the most common accessories used with portable equipment systems. E.g. Battery, Antenna, Handsets, Headsets, Data terminals, Folding Solar Panel etc, Spares etc.


The ergonomic design can comfortably handle up to 50Kg of equipment. The co-polymer frame is set off the back with a ventilation panel ensuring comfort for long trekking durations. The padded shoulder harness is adjustable and includes chest and waist straps to minimise jostling when on the move. plus sternum strap. 



Unit Weight:                    3.4Kg per backpack. Total 50 L capacity

Dimensions:                     Height 580mm High, 390mm Wide x 135mm Deep.

Material:                           Water Resistant Canvas, Co-Polymer Back Frame, Aluminium Transceiver mount.

Colour: Olive


Side Pockets;

Height 500mm, Opening 140mm Wide x 100mm Deep. Approx 5 Litre capacity.


Bottom Pocket;

Height 130mm, Opening 230mm Wide x 100mm Deep.  Approx 3 Litre capacity.


Front Pocket;

Expandable A4 size document pocket. Approx 4 Litre capacity.


Equipment Mounting ALICE Frame; (This is removable so backpack can be used without the equipment frame if desired or if clients want to make your own mounting plate).

Standard Mounting Plate accepts equipment up to 225m Wide, 110m Depth x 380mm Height. The Mounting frame includes 2 x equipment attachment straps providing convenience to remove equipment from the frame.


These are being offered at half price normally $399.95 each 



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