The Australian Horseman North Australia Observer Unit Figurine




Captured at a canter with rifle in-hand, the rider spots a distant movement in the endless expanse of the Kimberley

During WWII, the men of the North Australia Observer Unit were our nation's eyes and ears in the sparsely inhabited regions of northern Australia. These sons of the soil patrolled the vast expanses of the Kimberley and Northern Territory to warn of an anticipated Japanese invasion. They were true Australian bush soldiers - crack shots and fine horsemen endowed with a knowledge of bushcraft that enabled them to live off the land while on patrol. Colloquially known as the 'Nackeroos', their remarkable story is seldom told today. This cold-cast bronze figurine pays tribute to the resourcefulness, tenacity and endurance of these sentinels of our northern shores.

34cm Height x 36cm Length x 12cm Width
Limited Edition Guarantee: Only 5000 castings available worldwide.

These are very unique hard to come by and sometimes there is a gap in re stocking please be patient well worth the wait if any.

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