WatchFire Gut hook Skinning Knife,Black

 WatchFire Gut hook Skinning Knife, Black


Watchfire's Guthook Skinner, designed by SZCO Supplies, is made for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate quality. Our guthook skinning knife is an enticing two-for-one deal; The primary smooth blade and the hook that is originally designed to help with field dressing. Ready for anything the day throws at you, this knife is dependable and sturdy. You will effortlessly receive the best hunt with it's ergonomic handle shape, finger ridge, and stainless steel features.

Guthook Skinning Knife

Stainless Steel Blade

With a black finish, this guthook knife is made from premium, black finish 3CR13 stainless steel. Along with a smooth blade, this knife has a guthook and a finger ridge on the spine for added functionality. Our knife's versatility will have you thanking yourself for having this knife in your tool box.

Guthook Skinner Sheath

Reinforced Nylon Sheath

Included is a tough, black nylon sheath, designed to keep the user and those around them safe. Attached is a handle strap for the safest form of carry and quick access in emergencies. With steel fasteners and thick nylon padding, you will never feel more secure tackling an adventure.

Guthook Skinner Handle

Slip-Resistant Handle

Our Guthook Skinner is equipped with a ribbed, rubber handle for an efficient slip-resistant grip. Ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, this knife is dependable and effective through any adventure.




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