Waterproof note book plus multi cam cover - Kit Bag Perth


Waterproof note book plus multi cam cover.


Great combo deal consists of -  

1 x Made to Australian Military Specs The snugpak uk All Weather Lined and Grid Notebook sets the standard for tactical notebooks. Protect your notes in any environment and weather, wet or dry.

The 4" x 6" top spiral notebooks have 100 Universal pages (50 sheets) in Green. With the Universal Pattern, you can use for notes and scaled drawings. The patterns on the pages can be used for measurements on a map.

Useful reference material such as Two Person Piquet Stagger Chart is printed inside the cover with a Measurement and Conversion chart on the inside of the back cover are included.


1 x Genuine New Platatac All Weather Notebook Cover 

Designed for the minimalist, the Platatac All Weather Notebook Cover is a 'back to basics' style cover for our All Weather Notebook (click here). Featuring an elastic notebook slot, four elastic loops for stationary and a shock cord toggle for a quiet opening, the All Weather Notebook Cover is slim and lightweight making it perfect for the chest pocket.

Pen and note book shown sold separately.



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