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About us The Kit Bag

NOTE; Kit Bag Australia is a Physical entity with real people, real customer service, yes you can contact us and speak to a human! and real products-we do not use AI to generate images, descriptions or False AI generated Montages.  

The Kit Bag story begins in 1985 in the UK when with humble, hopeful beginnings Geoffrey Green and his eldest son Christopher both ex-servicemen, came up with the original Kit Bag business plan in the family living room.

The plan was to focus on diverse and interesting but useful, functional products  and originally the products offered were all military surplus items. All the items where bought from an agent who purchased directly from both the domestic and international military surplus markets. They were interesting times and it is difficult to comprehend the immense change that has taken retailing from the days of the retail high street to the online marketplace that we have today.



Kit Bag Founder Geoffrey Green above serving with the welsh guards in the deserts of Arabia I believe before the Aden Emergency 1963 ‚Äď 1967.

Geoffrey Green retired and in 1993 Christopher and Deborah Green (who joined Kit Bag in 1988) bought the business to Australia. Since then Kit Bag has managed to succeed despite the many changes and challenges that have occurred in the retail market place - some changes for the good and some, well we will see !

One thing that will never change is our commitment to our customers. We have customers who have been shopping with us for 20 years plus and we are proud to still be carrying Kit Bag forwards ‚Äď in the famous words of our founding member Geoffrey Green we will ‚Äúcarry on old soldier ‚Äú.

Kit Bag with its old fashioned but still relevant business ethos is embracing the future and adapting to new ways of doing business. The 3rd generation of the Green family have arrived and are working with Kit Bag, their fresh vitality and ideas helping Kit Bag to embrace the future.

We are grateful to all the wonderful people we have had the pleasure of dealing with over the last few decades and for the many amazing moments experienced along the way. We look forward with enthusiasm and optimism to the future.


Christopher Green

CEO Kit Bag   

Kit Bag Mission Ethos and business model  

Kit bag are at the forefront of online retailing we are daily continuing to provide and expand more and more products to our customers on a M2C ( manufacturer direct to customer) basis. This supply chain business model provides the very best equitable price bracket for our customers. Along with Australian based human not AI  customer service contact and Australian backed warranties. These attributes in our business model provide the complete modern customer experience.

 We guarantee  

*Equitable Australian Price 






What do we mean by equitable price ? We mean the best price possible taking into account we are an actual company based in Australia. We employ Australian people pay Australian standard wages and taxes and are subject to Australian standard practices .We are not a cloud based entity based in Asia  with no spine no customer service no anything just very very cheap prices ( there is a reason for that of course!). Australia for many reasons is not now a major producer of consumable’s, made up textiles etc we/you have to accept that BUT we can keep jobs in Australia by remembering what goes around cones around. Therefore Kit Bag encourages all people to purchase from Australian physically based companies only.


Providing the Very Best Fit for Use Tactical Clothing & Equipment to Law Enforcement Agencies, First Responders, Tactical Operators and Recreational Enthusiasts since 1985.

Adventure, lifestyle, Outdoors !


Our modern office and showroom is located in Perth the capital city of Western Australia.

Unit 7/14
14 Farrall Road
WA 6056 

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