5.11 ESC Rescue Tool


When you see trouble, you act, and the ESC Rescue Tool keeps you ready.

If a child or a pet is trapped in a hot car, the spring-loaded, extra-strong tungsten carbide tip lets you quickly shatter glass with minimal effort. In the chaos
of an auto accident, the seat belt cutter helps you free yourself and others.

The handle and blade are made of rugged stainless steel for an ultimately tough, lightweight solution, and the ESC Rescue Tool is so compact, 

it’s easy to carry in your pocket or clipped to your visor.

  • Folding seat belt cutter w/screw driver tip & thumb stud opener
  • Spring-loaded tungsten carbide tip window breaker
  • Die cut openings along handle for reduced weight
  • Belt clip for easy attachment
  • Compact size allows for easy & convenient storage
  • Stainless steel handle & blade

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