Brand New Genuine Australian Army 30L Jungle Rucksack F2 -Kit Bag Perth



Brand New Genuine Australian Army ( FIRST APPEARED during Vietnam War) Pat 30L Jungle Rucksack F2 -Kit Bag Perth

What a find ! almost certainly not to be repeated. new EX WAR STORES.

These are brand new genuine issue old stock just released from war stores once these are gone that's it! 

Country of Origin: Australia


From Long Tan, to Binh Ba, these rucksacks were the go to for the often forgotten Australian troops fighting the communist scourge in Vietnam. Compared to the backpacks utilized by their US counterparts, these rucksacks were a significant improvement given their unique jungle warfare focused design. These will take a bashing no doubt about it a similar civvy street pack like this if you could find one would costs $100,s. 
  • Heavy duty canvas construction with padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Distinctive Australian Army Vietnam-era "Psychological" camouflage pattern water-resistant lining. This version has all the furniture in Fastex ! 
  • Large main top compartment with rations, clothing and other equipment, measuring approximately 14" wide and 10" deep
  • Large sleeping bag compartment for sleeping gear, measuring approximately 14" wide and 10" deep
  • Large canvas loops at front and sides of the bag to attach additional pouches or radio components
  • Tough canvas top carry strap 
  • No excessive external strapping, almost fully self contained unit 
  • Great to use and a collectors item and at this price will not last long.
  • New never issued brand new item very similar to the Vietnam eta  ADF F2 some with olive clips some with black.

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