Shamir Tactical Razor Polar-X 702-C8 Polarized & Non Polarized Safety Sunglasses

702- C8 - GY


2 Great Tactical ballistic sunglasses. Each Sunglass comes in a Kit only from the Kit Bag !

1 x Ballistic Sunglass
1 x Hard Case
1 x Spec Cord 


Designed and quality assured in Australia.

2. Shamir Tactical   RAZOR Crystal Charcoal Frame with Polarized Smoke AR (Anti-Reflective) Blue Lens.

Blue light is responsible for the dazzling effects of strong sunlight and can lead to errors in visual perception and judgment. This blue light component of the visible spectrum is not easily brought into focus by the eye, resulting in a blurred image and visual fatigue.


  • Made from impact resistant Polycarbonate.
  • As a primary safety criteria, all Shamir Tactical lenses are 99.9% protective from UV rays.
  • Anti-reflective and flash mirror coatings that eliminate reflections on the concave and front side of the lens.
  • Reduces the transmission of light.
  • Lenses are scratch resistant and are treated with a hard coating that ensures very high resistance to abrasion and scratching.
  • Highly curved, sleek and angular design lines that mould to the contour of your cheekbone. Resists high velocity impact from flying objects.
  • Protects the sensitive skin around the eye cavity.
  • Inserted with highly scratch resistant 2 mm 8 base Polycarbonate prism.
  • Corrected lens that offers unobstructed frontal and peripheral vision.
  • Optimum protection against impact, glare and UV radiation.


  • 1 x pair of razor impact resistant polarized sunglasses 7702-C8-PGBAR RAZOR Crystal Charcoal Frame Polarized Smoke AR Blue Lens.
  • 1 x eyres carrying case.
  • 1 x eyres head strap.
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  • Also available Razor non polarized 702-C8-GY with same kit - hard case, head strap etc. 


  • These high-tech ballistic Shamir Tactical impact safety sunglass comply with AS/NZS 1337:1992 Eye Protector applications and AS/NZS 1067:2003 Sunglasses.

NOTE: The filtering qualities of the lenses must be considered to ensure that you have the correct type of lens for your intended use.


Ex-soldier Greg, while on a private military contract in Afghanistan, took a direct blast to his face but his Shamir Tactical  saved his eyes from the impact of the flying debris that rocketed into him.

July 2008: It was mid-morning, Greg was providing top cover (in an open-topped Land Rover armed only with an automatic weapon), in a convey escort when an IED (Improvised Explosive Device or homemade bomb) exploded no further than 50 meters away showering him in gravel and small amounts of shrapnel travelling at high speed.

Greg recounts: Shamir Tactical sunglasses absorbed the impact with ease saving my eyesight, the lenses were really scratched and pitted but my eyesight was normal. I can highly recommend Shamir Tactical  glasses to anyone who needs impact resistance eye protection in hostile environments.”

Greg was knocked unconscious by the blast. Luckily he survived but came away with burst eardrums, a broken nose and a punctured lung after his body armor had been pierced which left him with chest scarring.

“When I regained consciousness I couldn’t hear. I felt an intense burning sensation from the flash and realized still I was still wearing my sunglasses. I took them off, had a look and realized I could see. I was so relieved to find that I was not blind let alone dead.

“The glasses absorbed the impact just like Shamir Tactical  said they would! If the shrapnel had penetrated the glasses then not only would I be blind but quite possibly not here! Thank you Shamir, I owe you my sight, if not my life.”

The gravity of the situation is more than illustrated by the fact that the vehicle in the lead was simply vaporized.

“One of the engineers who examined the glasses determined from the type of damage the lenses sustained that it had been inflicted by flying concrete,” he explained. “Which would have caused substantial damage to my eyes if they were unprotected.”

Greg chose Shamir's to take with him to Afghanistan simply because he didn’t like the army issue glasses: “The Australian military issue glasses were not very stylish. They fogged up and slipped off so I decided to source my own glasses which I found on The Kit Bag’s website.”

“I wanted to be a fashion-conscious mercenary and found that the ESS glasses had a serious impact on my ability to pull in a foreign land,” he joked.


 Choose Polarized or non Polarized.



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