Eyres Tactical Anti Ballistic ODDIE Goggles ,clear & Grey lenses


Amazing price !! Amazing value FOR BALLISTIC GOGGLES .

These Goggles include  

1 x set of grey lenses

1 x set of clear lenses

1 x Soft Carry case ( NEW UPGRADED HARD CASE! 11.5.21 !!)

Features and benefits

  • Polycarbonate frame ensures excellent strength and durability.
  • Rubber template nose pads provides greater comfort and secure fit.
  • Includes adjustable head strap for improved fit and protection.
  • Foam seal provides great protection against dust and other hazardous particles.
  • Temples and Rx inserts available available.
  • Anti Ballistic
  • Anti Fog 
  • Can be used with your prescription lenses by purchasing the RX insert device click here https://w

Frame Specifications

Material Polycarbonate
Weight 1.00
Nose Piece Non-adjustable
Temple style Adjustable
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