Genuine Motorola PMLN6129A Smart 2 Wire surveillance W/Trans Tube & Ear Piece



The Motorola PMLN6129A 2-wire surveillance earpiece (Acoustic Tube) includes an in-line push-to-talk and microphone combined on a single wire to make communication more covert for security personnel.

A clear, comfortable transparent tube with coiled cord and rubber earbud offer greater comfort for extended use.


PMLN6129A Specifications

Compatible Radios

DP4400, DP4400e, DP4401, DP4401e, DP4600, DP4600e, DP4601, DP4601e, DP4800, DP4800e, DP4801, DP4801e, DP4401 Ex, DP4801 Ex, DP 3400, DP 3401, DP 3600, DP 3601, XiR P8600, XiR P8600i, XiR P8608, XiR P8608i, XiR P8620, XiR P8628, XiR P8628i, XiR P8660, XiR, P8660i, XiR P8668, XiR P8668i, XiR P8668 Ex, XiR P8200, XiR P8208, XiR P8260, XiR P8268, XPR 7350, XPR 7380e, XPR 7550, XPR 7580e, XPR 6300, XPR 6350, XPR 6500, XPR 6550, DGP 8050, DGP 8050e, DGP 8550, DGP 8550e, DGP 8550EX, DGP 4150, DGP 4150+, DGP 6150, DGP 6150+, APX900, APX1000, APX2000, APX3000, APX4000, APX6000, APX6000XE, APX7000, APX8000, SRX2200

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