RECON GS2S Tourniquet, Rescuer Rescuer New Hybrid All the best of SOFTT-W and CAT



RECON GS2S Tourniquet, Rescuer  Rescuer New Hybrid All the best of SOFTT-W and CAT

On The Battlefield, massive hemorrhages is the main reason for preventable death.

Stopping bleeding fast and effectively means saving more lives, so the need for tourniquets is vital.

For 10 years, Kit Bag have been researching and developing a faster, better and safer tourniquet.

Our New Tourniquet  avoids all the disadvantages of other tourniquets and is durable and effective in mud, sand and snow.

True one-hand application, minimized pain during application, fast and safe.

When you go to dangerous places, make sure you have this tourniquet on hand.


  • 100% effective in quickly occluding blood flow in upper and lower extremities
  • Small, cost-effective and easy to store¬†
  • No velcro - works well in mud and snow
  • Metal Buckle facilitates fast, safe one-handed application
  • Has the best features of both the SOFT-W and the CAT and none of the downside
  • Aircraft aluminium Rod, Light and Strong
  • 38mm¬† x 960mm
    Choose Black,Safety Orange or Training Blue



The CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) is intended for qualified medical professionals trained in the application of a tourniquet.  

It is not intended for the general public.

Use only as directed by your EMS authority or under the supervision of a Physician.

Make sure you read and understand the Instructions for Use prior to using this product.

Inappropriate application can result in serious injury or loss of limb. Kit bag accept no liability or responsibility for person purchasing this product and misusing it.


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