Ghillie Suit Complete


Hide out in the wild with this full body camouflage ghillie suit, designed to blend in perfectly with natural environments. Perfect for snipers, hunters, paintballers, gel blaster players, and preppers alike, this ghillie suit comes complete with jacket, pants, hood, gun wrap, and carry bag for ultimate camouflage. Get ready for the hide-and-seek of a lifetime with this practical and essential piece of gear!

Ghillie suits are a full body camouflage solution for blending in with the natural environment in the field or out hunting.

Ghillie suits are used by snipers but in the civilian environment used by hunters, paintballers and gel blaster players.  Also a great item to have for your bug out bag for preppers, if anything goes wrong you can throw on this suit and hide out in nature.


1x Jacket

1x Pants

1x Hood

1x Gun Wrap

1x Carry Bag