KA-BAR TDI Last Defence Knife



Designed by John Benner, founder and owner of the Tactical Defence Institute the TDI tactical knife is a “last option” emergency tool specifically designed to be used in extreme close quarter conflicts and/or in a potential weapon retention or similar situation whereby tactical personnel can possibly employ lethal force.


  • The TDI knife is even faster than fast-opening folding knives.


  • The entire unit, including the knife and sheath, is well concealed when worn on a pant belt.
  • Comfort and accessibility - when worn forward on the hips, you can use a forward or reverse grip with either hand.


  • Sheath: Glass-filled Nylon.
  • Weight: 0.18lbs.
  • Lock style: N/A.
  • Length: blade length 2-5/16 inches.
  • Overall length 5-5/8 inches.
  • Grind: hollow.
  • Shape: drop point.
  • Handle material: Zytel.
  • Stamp: KA-BAR.
  • HRC: 57-59 CR.
  • Edge angle: 15 degrees.
  • Butt cap/guard: N/A.
  • Steel: AUS 8A Stainless Steel.
  • Colour: Foliage Green, Coyote Tan & Black
  • NOTE - Black has a straight edge

One of the few knives on the market that are directed specifically at the military and law enforcement.

Important Note: - Before purchasing this item it is the customer’s responsibility to contact their relevant authorities to ensure that the possession of this item is legal in their state.
This item is classed as a Controlled Weapon under the 'Weapons Regulations Act 1999' and it is an offence for anyone under 18 to purchase any product classified in the controlled weapons list, Therefore anyone under 18 cannot purchase this item. By purchasing this item you are declaring that you are over 18 years of age.
Green Harbour Pty Ltd (trading as The Kit Bag) will not accept any claim or responsibility in the event of consequential action by any law enforcement agency against organizations or individuals that have purchased this product without prior investigation as to its legality in the relevant state.

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