5.11 Tactical Flex Cuff Pouch


Designed to be minimalistic, low profile and highly functional with new technology. Featuring 5.11's Flex-HT™ Mounting System allowing quick and easy pouch weaving and removal, 1/2" webbing ladder for more weaving opportunities and durable/waterproof TPU coated straps.

  • Straps are made of a TPU coated PP webbing to provide durability and waterproof capability
  • 3/4" width straps allows for more flexibility on all weaving platforms including web MOLLE, laser cut MOLLE and 5.11's patented HEXGRID® platform
  • Straps are flexible for easier weaving
  • Flex 1/2" webbing ladder on back of pouch for more weaving opportunities to fit any product within 1/2" increments instead of only 1" (1.5" belt for example)
  • Low profile uniloop and snap from Duraflex
  • Webbing pull tab for quick release of Flex Straps
  • Overall Dimensions: 4.0”H x 3.5”L x 1.625”D