Note Book Field Message


Australian Army Field Message Note Book

Army notebook with carbons.


  • All pages are graphed
  • 14.5cm x 10.5cm x 2cm 

This notebook is of very high quality. It's great for use in many climates as long as you look after it. 

This notebook  has heaps of pages, is very well made. The Carbon paper is a bonus.
Highly recommended for  military, or just anyone who needs a great sturdy notebook outdoors.

The notebook is very useful for quickly writing down notes during lessons, information sessions or out in the field.
Its a small size fits into your breast pockets very easily, its grid lines also assists greatly.
It also fits in a Vewee Tewee & notebook cover quite easily.

It's very easy to write on without a solid flat service, it can be easily written on while placed on your lap, knee, palm,
etc. It will greatly assist you during lessons and lets you simply grab it out of your pockets.

Please Note: Due to diffrent suppliers the markings on the front cover may change but the pages and carbons remain the same and front and back cover always in olive !



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