RECON GS2S Waterproof Airtight floatable Universal Phone Pouch


The RECON GS2S universal waterproof phone pouch for smartphones is a protective, floating case providing 100% smartphone waterproofing and touchscreen operation! Perfect for all activities.


* Waterproof -100% waterproof case up to 1m
* Airtight
* floatable - 
Lightweight and designed to float
* universal phone size fitting
* size 19.5 x 11 cm 
* made from tough PVC - TPU 
* fully touch screen compatible - make calls - take photos ! 
Crystal clear window for sharp photos and clear view of your smartphone's display
IPX8 certified against water, ice and dirt
* Lanyard provided

Will This Fit my Phone?

The RECON GS2SWaterproof Phone Pouch is made with a universal design. This means that it will fit almost any phone, from the smaller Samsung devices to the huge Apple iPhone Pro Max models.

Use Your Touchscreen With No Worry

The RECON GS2S Waterproof Pouch isn’t just a case to keep your phone dry or mud-free, but you can actually use the touchscreen of your phone with absolute ease - scroll through Twitter or take photos, the The RECON GS2S Pouch is your new favourite travel accessory! 

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