RECON GS2U [-10℃~-20℃] Modular Rifleman sleeping bag with mosquito net & water repellent outer layer.


RECON GS2U  [-10℃~-20℃] Modular Rifleman sleeping bag with mosquito net

New addition to our RECON range of sleeping bags, the RECON GS2U  [-10℃~-20℃] Modular Rifleman sleeping bag with mosquito net & water repellent outer layer .

The unique filling of Polarauard  which is very durable, warm for its weight, and pretty packable for its performance in cold and wet weather climates.
The mummy shape bag comes in 230cm length and 82cm width at the shoulder the shape helps retain warmth where its needed most.  

The tactical nylon terylene cover has a water resistant not seen in other comparable bags
side zip with a zipped roll away mosquito net completes the picture as a bag for more than just one season. 

Copper mannequin testing gives us a test result of a rating -10c to - 20c .Please read our notes  below on sleeping bags the information there will give you an insight into ratings and how to use any sleeping bag properly. 

Great sleeping bag for operating in those winter climates and at a very competitive price.

Colour Multi - Cam
Packs down into its own stuff sack 9.8 inches by 15.7 inches only !
weight 2.18 Kgs

A Note on sleeping bags.

Purchasing the correct Recon Sleeping Bag for your needs is important, we are pleased to offer these simple facts to help you decide which one is best for you, how to maximise it’s performance and what to realistically expect from your choice.

To help maintain the temperature rating and get the best out of your Recon Sleeping Bag you must take into account the following.

 The Thermal Temperature Rating provided on all sleeping bags is just a guide  - what you do, wear and eat will affect your sleeping experience.  So

  • Always Use a camp mat or equivalent on the ground to increase protection
    and the temperature (thermal resistance) of your sleeping bag.
  • Always use a top cover or a shelter around your sleeping bag to increase protection and the temperature (thermal resistance).
  • Always place your bag / camping ground area out of wind, go behind a rock or tree or in a crevice to get out of the wind ( this helps in reducing your exposure to the wind chill factor )
  • If you expect to be out in the open with no shelter whatsoever then purchase a sleeping bag cover (bivvi ) this will add water/rain resistance plus an additional layer of protection therefore increasing the thermal resistance even more.
  • If you know you are a hot or cold sleeper then go up or down a level in temperature to allow for this
  • It Is known that certain types of food affect your sleeping comfort and can make you colder or hotter therefore be aware of what you are eating and how it may affect you
  • Alcohol will decrease your body temperature therefore reducing the sleeping bags ability to keep you warm.
  • Always wear layers of clothing inside a sleeping bag, remove shoes if possible and wear thick socks and a beanie on your head, heat transfers out of your extremities so keep them covered!!
  • The retailer and manufacturer request that you take these facts into account so that you have the best sleeping experience possible. Sleeping bags are unable to be returned unless there is a fault in the workmanship so please choose carefully.

    This item ships out direct from our HUB please allow 7 to 14 days delivery time. Express post not available on this product sorry. Sleeping bags are a non returnable item due to health and safety & misuse.

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