RECON PR3 Paracord Defence Knife & Kangaroo Battle Patch combo


Great combo and a great price ! 

RECON PR3 Paracord Defence Knife & Kangaroo Battle Patch combo


New from RECON Australia

RECON PR3 Paracord Defence Knife

Great value for money compact handy para cord defence knife.


* Kydex Sheath ( can be attached to PAL or MOLLE ) or slipped into boot or laced into your boot. cord attached to the sheath can be utilized as a neck knife. 

* Over all length with sheath 140 mm

* PR3 Total Knife length 130 mm

* PR3 Blade length 55 mm, Blade has serrated edge along with a sharp edge and a point. 

* I piece knife carved from solid  CR13 Black Stainless steel 

*  Handle wrapped with o.d. cord. Sheath has enough cord to use it as a neck knife.

Perfect for your next outdoor adventure.


2. The famous Multi Cam Aussie Battle Flag Patches kangaroo by RECON Australia

kangaroo battle flag kit bag Perth multi cam 

Want nothing else ? Just buying one or two of these items qualifies you to free freight 


  • Size/Dimensions: 70 x 50mm.
  • Hook and loop backed.

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