RECON GS2S Latex Free disposable nasopharyngeal airway with Lubricating Jelly 7.0 mm


Latex Free disposable nasopharyngeal airway with Lubricating Jelly 7.0 mm

The Nasopharyngeal Airway, also know as an NPA, is a disposable airway adjunct used to maintain a patient's airway.

The Nasopharyngeal Airway from RECON is made from a soft PVC construction with beveled tip for a comfortable & gentle insertion which minimises the chances of complications. The NPA has inner striations for smooth suction catheter insertion.

RECONGS2S  Latex Free disposable nasopharyngeal airway with Lubricating Jelly Nasopharyngeal Airway is made of soft PVC to help protect the nasopharyngeal mucosa from the effects of repeated passing, as well as minimizing coughing and gagging during suctioning. The device is flexible, resists collapse, and resists kinking. We offer the airway in a range of sizes.


  • Sterile
  • Single-use
  • Lubrication jelly provided
  • Latex¬†Free

    Product Features

    • UseThe Disposable nasopharyngeal airway is used for insertion into the nasal cavity to ensure that the patient's airway remains open. The soft, angled tip reduces damage to the mucosal wall and guides the airway along the base of the nasal cavity.
    • Unobstructed BreathingWith the Disposable oral airway tube device in place, the patient's tongue cannot drop back and occlude his/her airway, keeping the airway open so the patient can breathe.
    • SafetyNasal airway kit can be used safely on unconscious patients and provides easier, safer and less invasive suctioning and bronchoscopy.
    • SoftDisposable nasopharyngeal airway conforms to the anatomical design and is soft for patient comfort. The oropharyngeal airway is used to create an air passage way between the oral cavity and the posterior pharyngeal wall
    • High Quality Material Disposable nasopharyngeal airway is made of high quality material 100% latex free, safe and healthy to use.

      Please note Kit Bag and its brand RECON, Green harbour PTY   STRONGLY advise training before use of any of the medical items we sell including this product we accept no responsibility for mis-use resulting in injury or death. 

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