RECON S7 Tool Steel BV- TAC 8 Axe & Multitool 8 in one Tool Plus Attachments



RECON S7 Tool Steel BV- TAC 8 Axe & Multitool 8 in one Tool Plus Attachments Hand made  in a small town in Southern Utah and is family owned and operated.100% in America. Kit Bag are proud to be the appointed  Distributor of this product within Australia. 

Each component is designed to work as if it were a stand alone tool allowing the user to carry one compact tool to get the job done. 

The TAC 8 is made of S7 Tool Steel and is heat treated and tempered, making it one of the toughest multitools available. The TAC 8 is Cerakoted to provide unmatched abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance.

The TAC 8 comes with paracord + blade cover and is essential for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Outdoorsmen, Hunters, , Boaters, and Survivalists.  keep one in your car/FWD for your next trip out bush  

Tool Length:17 inches/43 cm

Weight: 3Lbs / 1.36 kg 

8 in 1 Tools:

  • Hydrant Wrench
  • Spanner Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Axe Blade
  • Pry Bar
  • 1/4 Wrench
  • 5/16 Wrench
  • Gas Turnoff
  • Hand Made in the USA¬†

    Plus 1 x Breaching Pic -  1 x Shovel Attachment- 1 x Pick attachment

    Breaching Pic

    The Breaching pic is made of S7 Tool Steel and it is the pic attachment with a sharpened tip.  It fits over the hammer of the Spade.  When meeting with the Iron county Sheriff's Swat and breaching team this change to the pic came at their request, this change to the pic would allow them to use it to remove obstacles that have been placed in front of the door.   The breaching pic is also cerakoted to provide maximum protection against corrosion.

    The Pick

    The Pick is made from S7 tool steel and is hardened and tempered to achieve maximum toughness. It attaches to the hammer end of The Spade .


    Shovel Attachment

    The Shovel is made from 4130 alloy Steel, which has been hardened to achieve maximum toughness and durability. It attaches to the pry bar end of The Spade and is secured using a snap wire pin. The Shovel is coated in Armor Black Cerakote.




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