Schrade One Piece Boot Knife perfect For Survival - Knife Of The Month September 2022


Schrade One Piece Boot Knife perfect For Survival

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Knife Of The Month September 2022


Schrade designed the one-piece boot knife with tactical and survival applications in mind.”The [one-piece boot knife] is drop forged from SEA-1070 high carbon stainless steel offering an extremely sharp edge throughout the 4.5 inches of its spear point blade. Machined from a single piece of steel the [Schrade one-piece boot knife] is a solid, strong knife. A multitude of carry options make this fixed blade boot knife a versatile instrument with fierce penetration power,” Schrade tells us.

The blade itself features twin fine edges and a blood groove for bi-directional cutting and slicing capability.

The Schrade One-Piece Boot knife’s 4.5 inch handle features a diamond patterned surface that fosters solid grip in almost any conditions. “The glass breaking tip extends the knife’s capabilities. Unscrew the butt cap [of the hollow handle] to store a ferro rod, whistle or rolled up map,” says Schrade, “and rubber gasket keeps the compartment waterproof.”

The One-Piece Boot Knife comes with a feature-rich glass filled nylon boot sheath. Schrade tells us that, “a simple press on the sheath’s release lever makes deploying the knife lightening quick… Slide the [knife] back into the glass filled nylon boot sheath with the detent grove facing up until the release lever engages and holds the knife fast.” You can attach the sheath to your boot, thigh, belt or torso—the possibilities are endless given the multiple retention options afforded by the rugged steel clip and twin sheath slots.

The Schrade One-Piece Boot Knife makes for an excellent extreme survival tool.

The Schrade One-Piece Boot Knife Details

  • Drop-forged SAE-1070 Carbon steel
  • Non-stick Protective coating
  • Glass breaker and Storage handle
  • 4 1/2″ Spear point
  • 9 1/8″ Overall length
  • Glass Filled Nylon sheath



You Must be over 18 years of age to purchase this item please see out terms and conditions here Check your state laws before purchasing.